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There are 3 ways that eReassign provides assistance to you:

  1. This help page provides an overview of each of the main eReassign pages.

  2. Question Mark icons beside fields on the pages provide you with specific instructions about the field. Placing the cursor over the Question Mark will provide you with instructions.

  3. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page can be accessed at any time by clicking the FAQ link in the page header or footer. The FAQ page provides answers to common questions about eReassign.

Click on the following page names to get an overview of each eReassign page:

Logon Page This is the page where you logon to the eReassign application. Qualifying Employees, Selecting and Higher Level Officials assigned by HR, and Supervisors log on using their Employee Identification Number, or EID, and their USPS Password.
Welcome Page The Welcome Page is the main menu of eReassign. It serves as the home page for the application. You can get to it from other pages by clicking on the Welcome hyperlink located in the header and footer of each screen. The Welcome Page displays a list of options providing access to different functions of eReassign. The options displayed are dependent on your user type. The MY REQUESTS section provides you with a button to Submit a new Request. If you have previously submitted requests, you will see a list of those requests in this section as well. This section is displayed to bargaining unit employees only. The SEARCH REQUEST section provides the ability to search for requests based on user specified criteria. A button is provided to access the Request Search page. Results are limited to requests that the user has submitted or reviewed. All users have a button to Search for all Reassignment Opportunities that have been posted. From here, bargaining unit employees or HR/SO on behalf of a bargaining unit employee, can submit a request for reassignment for one of the Reassignment Opportunities. The Administration section allows you to view a list of Reassignment Coordinators and all Administrative users are able to change their password. Human Resource and Selecting Official users are also able to Setup their contact information and Print a blank reassignment request form to send to employees.
Submit Request Page This page allows you to submit a request for reassignment. HR/SO Users submitting a request on behalf of an employee use the Employee Lookup page to locate the employee. Once the employee has been selected, their information is populated on the Submission form. The first section is your home contact information. This information will populate based on your official employee data. This can be changed to reflect an address at which you wish to receive information, but does not update your official address on file. You should use the standard process to assure that your address of record is correct. You may also provide a phone number and email address. The second section displays your current bid cluster, position, and address. This information is also populated based on your official employee data. Employees are required to enter their supervisor name and phone number so he/she may be contacted for an evaluation. Next you may supply driver license information that will assist Human Resources in compiling necessary data. A valid driver license is required for all carrier craft and motor vehicle craft positions. The Driving Disqualifications checkbox is required for all requests. The table of Driving Disqualifications can be viewed through a link in this section. The main content of the Submission form is contained in the section where you are able to choose the district, bid cluster, and crafts to which you wish to reassign. If an employee is being excessed, a message displays below the district-drop down box indicating that this employee has priority status. The submission is limited to Clerk Craft, Maintenance Craft, Motor Vehicle Craft, Material Support Craft - i.e APWU - or Mail Handler craft in order to obtain priority status for the request. Mixing of Priority and Non-Priority crafts within a single request is prevented by the system while an employee is being excessed. Each request may only contain up to 5 craft combinations. If you are interested in more than one bid cluster, you must submit separate requests. You may either use the dropdown lists or make your selection using the state map. The state map allows you to choose a bid cluster and craft by clicking on each state to reveal the districts. HR/SO Users submitting on behalf of an employee are only able to submit requests using the dropdown option. HR/SO Users can only submit requests to their own district and bid cluster scopes. Once you have made your selections, you must read the Privacy Act statement before you submit the request. There are three buttons at the bottom of the page. The first one is the Save Draft button. If you are not finished with your request and wish to return at a later time to complete it, click the Save Draft button. You can access the Draft request from your Welcome Page. Draft requests are saved for 30 days. Any draft requests older than 30 days will be deleted. If you do not wish to continue saving the draft, click the Delete Draft button. Once you are finished and feel it is ready to be submitted, click the Submit Request button. eReassign will check the request to make sure all the proper fields have been entered. If there are problems, you will receive error messages at the top of the page letting you know what you have to change before you can submit the request. If all the fields were entered properly, you will be taken to a confirmation page. The Confirmation Page displays the basic information contained in your request. For an employee being excessed, if a request meets the criteria for priority status, a modified confirmation page will be displayed indicating that the request has received and will maintain priority status until the last day of the voluntary transfer period, or EPTD, as specified in the letter. Please verify the information and print the Confirmation Page if you wish.
View Request Page The Request tab lets you see the information about the request that was entered by the employee. This includes their contact information as well as the bid clusters and crafts being requested.
Reassignment Opportunities Search Page This page allows employees to search for Reassignment Opportunities that have been posted. By selecting a district, the user is able to view currently vacant positions posted by that district.
HR and SO Contact Pages For employees, these pages list the address and fax number of the Reassignment Coordinator for each district or bid cluster to provide a location to send requests for reassignment.
Request Search Page This page is accessed by clicking the Search for a Request button on the Welcome Page. You can enter search criteria in order to find specific requests in eReassign. When you click Search, you will be presented with the requests that match the search criteria entered. By clicking on the employee name, you can access the details of the request.
Priority Request Search The Priority Requests section on the Welcome Screen contains a chart that displays APWU and NPMHU priority requests awaiting action. You can enter search criteria in the Search box at the top of this section and may enter any combination of the search criteria available to search for priority requests that are within the priority window period. Note: Priority consideration ends for selected requests on the End Priority Transfer Date. By clicking on the employee name, you can access the details of the request.
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